august newsletter ISSUE 29

I hope every body enjoyed the pod cast, this now  remains as a permanent extra on the main menu.

a meeting between Thanet district council and the Ramsgate society, proved to unfortunate, as TDC, admitted that they had insufficient funds to join them on the lottery bid, even more disappointing as earlier on the same day at a meeting with representatives from  the heritage lottery fund, they  stated that there was a good chance of a successful bid .The Ramsgate society have now decided to go it alone, and try and raise the quarter of a million pounds themselves, which is ten per cent of the total lottery bid.

the anchor  and  chain which was causing considerable damage down below due to its weight has now been removed. we now float three inches higher as a result. the chain is around 900 feet in length and took seven lifts with the crane. Special thanks to our newest recruit Richard who had the unenviable job of spending two hours down in the chain locker, to keep the rusty chain on the move and kept having to untangle it.IMG_2752 IMG_2751IMG_2771 IMG_2748

this month we are hoping to have the missing and rusted handrails and ladders replaced or repaired by a welding team, and a safety net attached to the gangplank to acknowledge health and safety regulations.

mike houckham, chairman CVC


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