Cervia Crew Profiles

From boy to old boy
Mikes first job was boy on the Cervia when he was just 15. Now retired, he's back where he started, still making the tea and looking after the crew!. Mike is regarded as the “leader” of the volunteers, and organises the restoration works. He also enjoys giving the talks on the history of the Cervia to the visitors

Considered as the number 2 on board, ted is a retired coffin maker and builder and constructs and repairs everything made of wood on board, using
Nothing more than hand tools.
Known as Mr. lighthouse, his knowledge of trinity house is legendary.

Allan was also a boy on the Cervia, and is now our ships bosun. He is very adept at acquiring spares , and is skilled in all forms of rope work that he learned after a lifetime at sea



Irish, as he is known, was a former crane engineer, and uses those skills down below in the engine room. He also loves polishing the brass and copper used extensively above and below decks, whilst singing to the rest of us.


A former harbour engineer, Tim’s technical skills have always been in demand on board. He is currently the treasurer of the CVC, and takes care of all the monies that are raised for the Cervia



tomt-cervia-crewTom l
After a lifetime on the road as a car transporter driver, tom enjoys being an all rounder, and each task he is assigned is carried out meticulously.



In his working days he was a store man, but since retiring, has developed the knack of encouraging the public to come on board to visit, with the use of his bosuns whistle, he delights the visitors when he pipes them up the gangplank.


Jason’s expertise in all things related to computers is amazing. He is responsible for setting up this website, and has created the visual display and TV monitor in the officer’s cabin. He also helps out with all our painting needs.


Not only a superb cake maker from which all the volunteers benefit, just look at their waistlines,
She is also a dab hand at painting, and good all rounder on board.



Currently a landscape gardener, Chris is at his best when clearing out a storeroom , or removing rust. He always does an immaculate job



John was also a former crewman of the Cervia, he was the tugs fireman, and then spent a lifetime at sea on various vessels. John was responsible for removing vast amounts of thick rust when we started
And now explains the workings of the boiler room and engine room to the visitors


Sid spent his younger days on sun tugs, and has already  proved to be a very useful all rounder on board