december newsletter ISSUE 11

CERVIA NEW STEPS 3 CERVIA NEW STEPS 1At last the new steps are in place , and we can access the main deck safely. Some of the volunteers are pictured here, carrying out a weight and strain  test, to ensure they are safe and won't  collapse. All that's needed is the final coat of paint. Well done guys.

As we come to the end of our fifth year of restoration, it really has been a year of many achievement's. In January we officially launched the CVC, and formally set up a committee made up of volunteers and supporters, to enable us to be more in control of what we wanted to achieve. The main aim was to raise £5,000.00 to replace the two masts. to help us do that, a dedicated website was set up, to enable anybody from anywhere, to understand and appreciate what we are trying to do. Well, we reached our target of 5k, by lots of hard work from volunteers, in fund raising activities, and with financial support from Ramsgate Town Council, and the National Historic Ships Register. We also received individual donations from members of the public. In addition, practical  support was given by three local companies.

Well, the masts are almost ready to be lifted into place, probably in the spring, when the worst of the winter weather is past.

We were also fortunate to recruit three new volunteers for Tuesday mornings, and weekend work,  during the summer months.

In the January newsletter, I will share with you our plans for 2015. Finally, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and on behalf of CVC, a huge thank you for all of your support.

Mike Houckham chairman CVC

PS, If anybody out there has the skills to splice 13mm wire rope, please contact the site.



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