December newsletter ISSUE 22

Happy Christmas to all of our supporters, the Cervia is now on display for the first time, covered in Christmas lights and floodlit as well. A big thank you to the Royal Temple Yacht club and Ramsgate Town Team for making this happen.

Visit the Royal Ramsgate Harbour over the holidays and enjoy the spectacle.

As we approach the end of year, its important to look back at our achievements, the raising of our new masts being the most significant, but most of all, its the dedicated efforts of our volunteers who warrant the most praise. Turning up every week, whatever the weather to work on the preservation of this incredible vessel, and then helping to raise much needed funds from a variety of events, and the sheer professionalism in their work. with an average age of 75, they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you wish to lend a hand, please contact this website, or just turn up on a Tuesday morning and shout Ahoy Cervia, you will be very welcome.

mike houckham chairman CVCCERVIA LIT UP FOR CHRISTMAS

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