January Newsletter ISSUE 2

Despite the appalling weather recently, the work on board has continued, albeit not as much as we would have liked. Several of the stalwart volunteers have taken well deserved winter breaks.(and who could blame them), but the remainder have carried on regardless.

In the menu above, you will see several new boxes. The most exciting one is headed “Full Speed Ahead”. Clicking on this will enable you to hear and see the Cervia’s 1000hp engine’s turning. This was filmed during a Harbour Steam Weekend in August 2012, an event we hope will happen again this year.

Thanet District Council have very kindly provided a link to their main tourism website, to have a look click here

Other websites including Thames Tugs, long considered to be the most comprehensive tug website, has also kindly provided us with a link

We are pleased to say that the new sump pumps have been installed, courtesy of the Preston services steam museum, so the water ingress in the boiler room has been eliminated, although we still have the problem of the missing funnel cover to resolve.

In the next issue I will have details of the upcoming concert, to be held in support of the Cervia.

Mike Houckham CVC Chairman

4 thoughts on “January Newsletter ISSUE 2

  1. Hi there,

    Just seen the latest from Mike and the great new web-site, I can but wish the project all the best on behalf the Medway Queen Preservation Society, I hope perhaps we can establish contact and exchange between these two great vessels.

    John Kempton
    hon. vice-chairman

  2. Brian Jones

    Hi there
    I will be visiting the UK from Australia in July and August.
    Is it possible to visit Cervia, even if just to see her from the dockside.
    I built a 1:48 scale model of her in the mid 1970’s which is still sailing and would love to see the original.
    Yours sincerely
    Brian Jones

    • admin

      hello Brian, yes of course you can, we should be open every weekend from around the end of July, however, if your in the harbour area on a Tuesday morning when we carry out our maintenance, you will be able to come on board then, regards mike Houckham ,chairman cvc

  3. Ray Wood

    Great website, you are to be congratulated on the restoration of this fine old tug. I have just signed up as a member and will do my best to encourage other ex Thames Tug hands to do the same. I worked for SUN TUGS back in the sixties cook on the SUN X1 and Junior hand on the SUN X11.
    Keep up the great work.

    Kind regards

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