July Newsletter ISSUE 28

There is currently a plan proposed by the Ramsgate Society, to bid for Heritage Lottery funding which includes Cervia. The bid, which comprises the Ramsgate Maritime Museum, the dry dock, the Sundowner, and Cervia. The bid involves Thanet District Council, whereby they become a partner in the scheme. The part that effects Cervia, would mean that if successful, Cervia would have the hull repaired. This would keep her afloat for many years to come. There is a huge amount of work involved , and a great number of hurdles to overcome, including a crucial meeting with the council on the 15th July.

Maintenance work  continues, and, weather permitting, a full repaint of the exterior is underway, starting of course at the top, with the funnel. For this, we thank Trevor Grant for coming down to lend a hand. On Wednesday last week, we had a visit from a school in Barking Essex, Manor Junior, with 120 children on board spread over the day. Tiring, but they all had a great time.

mike houckham, chairman CVC


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