july newsletter ISSUE 50

First of all, apologies to all our followers for the temporary breakdown of our website due to server issues, but were back to normal now.
I'm pleased to say that the new port and starboard navigation light surrounds are now in place. Also the new boarding for the flying bridge is taking shape and should be finished soon, thanks to our "chippy" les burton
On the weekend of the 28th and 29th July, the cervia will be open for visitors with the added bonus of a sound system which will bring the Cervia alive!
A team of sound engineers led by Filipe Gomez, have recreated the sounds of the Cervia working, bells, steam whistles, engines running, come and visit for a one off experience.
Future notice, a film crew from Australia are making a documentary of the Medway Queen and her role in Dunkirk. As part of that they will be doing some filming of Cervia and her engines. this will happen sometime in August.
mike houckham chairman CVC

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