June Newsletter ISSUE 5

last Sunday on board the Cervia whilst we were open to the public,there was something even more interesting to see than usual,we had a visit from the newly elected Miss Ramsgate and her attendant princesses, who graced our wheelhouse.

ramsgate beauty queens

this month we are in a position to place an order for our new mainmast and mizzen. we are advised that it will take a month or so to deliver so it should be sometime in July. then we have to organise all the fittings,welding and support wires, and finally,a mobile crane will be required to lift it in position.so if there's anyone out there who knows of someone who has access to a crane ,please contact us

The funnel cover is ready to be lifted into place, and should happen on June 2nd.then we will be able to re-coat the boiler room plates.

we plan to open , subject to volunteers being available, every weekend throughout the summer holidays for visitors, and old and present tug hands.

Mike Houckham chairman CVC
Cervia Volunteer Crew


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