march newsletter ISSUE 14

The exiting new brochure that we have been working on for some time, is now at the printers, and we are hoping for delivery in time for Easter.  if you are a visitor from another area to the Cervia or Ramsgate maritime museum, please ask for some to take home with you, so that you can give to others who may be interested in what we are trying to achieve. you may also want to give some to your local library, tourist information centers, tug society's or groups. or if you are heading abroad, especially to Belgium, Holland etc.

All of us on Cervia congratulate the Daniel Adamson on being awarded  from the heritage lottery fund, £3.8 million. the Danny as she is affectionately known, website can be viewed by clicking the link button on our home page.

work continues on board now that the worst of the winter weather is behind us, and we are now concentrating on getting her ready for the Easter weekend when we hope to be open to the public. on that same subject, we are desperately short of volunteers for the weekends when we are open. This involves showing visitors around the cervia safely, and would suit retired tug hands, those with a knowledge of steam, but if you've never been on board a vessel before, don't worry as you will be shown how it all works. After all , what could be better than spending a day in Ramsgate Royal Harbour, enjoying all the sights and sounds, whilst talking to the public.

There have been a huge amount of models of the Cervia made throughout the years, this was a particularly nice one I spotted last year at the annual model boat show at Ramsgate.

mike Houckham chairman CVC




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