may newsletter ISSUE 15

firstly, apologies to our regular visitors, due to a spell in hospital i was unable to publish theĀ  April newsletter.

the weather has improved so painting has started up again, and it was good to see visitors on board over the Easter weekend.

in the cinema room the large TV monitor didn't survive the winter and has to be replaced, and as it has now become such a focal point for visitors who enjoy going down memory lane. the replacement will be installed by the end of May

other news, the 75th Dunkirk anniversary takes place in ramsgate harbour between the 20th and 25th May, for a detailed program of events log onto

Tony Edwards, who left the tugs in 1967 for a different life in southern France, found this website and traveled back to the UK to visit the Cervia, Tony started as the boy/cook in 1958 in number 4 relief, he and his wife Marji spent two hours on board. and enjoyed the nostalgia of the day enormously. he also hopes to attend the annual reunion in October at Cobham gravesend . if you remember tony he can be contacted via this site or Thames tugs using the link on our links page

cervia tony edwards



Tony Edwards at the wheel again on Cervia

mike houckham chairman CVC

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