May Newsletter ISSUE 26

As reported in last months newsletter, the marine survey has now been published. The report was as expected. whilst everything above the waterline  has been addressed by the maintenance volunteers, and the condition is what could be consistence of a vessel of 70 years of age, its what we are unable to restore below the waterline., that causes major concerns. Several meetings are planned to discuss the issues that the report raises, to find the best way forward. this will involve a major funding injection.

On a more positive note, I had the opportunity to visit the Daniel Adamson steam tug in Liverpool , and see for myself what £3.8 million heritage lottery funding will get you. The tug built in 1903, was absolutely amazing, now fully functional and back in steam, it was a tribute to the perseverance of their volunteer team , in obtaining the funding which has saved the "danny" for future generations. More can be learned about the project and results by logging onto

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