may newsletter ISSUE 37

We started the Easter weekend with a problematic computer on board. our hard drive had retired early, which prevented us from showing our film collection. Fortunately after a week , Jason our clever computer guy installed a new hard drive and luckily there was a backup for everything, so were up and running again.

Two new volunteers have joined us, Johnny and Ben, Ben is currently a skipper on the pleasure boats that operate from Tower Bridge.

The welders have been asked to come back on board for some additional necessary work, more of that next month.

I am planning to hold a reunion day on board during the summer, this will be an informal gathering of "old hands", should anyone like to assist me in organising a strictly informal social occasion, please contact me by phone or email.

Finally, we are still in need of mast navigation lights, so anyone out there who has any kicking around in a garage or attic, and of the right era, we would be pleased to give them a new lease of life.

we are open today, may day, but we always welcome visitors, on Tuesday mornings, contact the site if your travelling any distance to ensure your not disappointed and that we know your coming down to the Royal Ramsgate Harbour.

mike houckham chairman CVC

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