may newsletter ISSUE 48

During the winter months, high winds have shredded the canvass dodger on the flying bridge, so the time has come to replace it, and next week a local sailmaker will be coming on board to measure up for this costly item, but we have no choice other than leave it. the dodger was there to afford shelter for the crew against bad weather. Down in the boiler room, a small section of steel plate had rusted away leaving a dangerous hole. a new piece has been cut and fitted.On the boat deck, both the port and starboard navigation light surrounds have rotted away, so our new chippy, Les Burton is in the process of making new ones. The painting down in the forward saloon area has been completed, as have the towing hooks courtesy of our resident painter and deckhand, Keith Buckland. I learned today that sadly John Hibbert passed away, john was responsible for restoring our ships radios and vhf, systems, and installing the mast Ariel's. He will be missed by all the volunteers.
Cervia will be open to the public this bank holiday weekend for visitors, the weather is set fair, so come and enjoy the delights of Ramsgate, the Maritime Museum, Cervia, and lots more.
mike houckham chairman CVC

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