November Issue

Welcome to this, the first of many regular updates for the steam tug Cervia, and, what better way to introduce this first edition, than to share with you all, some excellent news.

Back in September, we had confirmation from the national ships register that they had granted us £1000.00 towards the cost of providing the Cervia with a new mast. Today, further support was received from Ramsgate town council that they will award us with £2500.00. This means we are well over half of our target figure.

The next opportunity comes in the form of a concert on the 25th April, at ST Georges church, Ramsgate, when Thanet male voice choir , will be providing a concert, again, to raise much needed funds.

Unfortunately, during the gale force winds in October, we lost the funnel cover, which causes problems down in the boiler room, which means that we have water collecting in that area. A temporary tarpaulin cover will be in place shortly .

Due to the winter weather, normal maintenance has naturally slowed down, but work on the interior continues.

Mike Houckham, chairman cvc

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