November newsletter ISSUE 21

The good news this month is that thanks to the Ramsgate town team, in conjunction with the Royal Temple yacht club, the Cervia will for the first time be joining in with all the other vessels in Ramsgate Harbour, and will be fully decorated with Christmas lights for the coming festive season. So be sure to come down to the harbour and  bring your cameras with you.

on board, the attention this last month has been the delicate task of removing the Binnacle which houses the compass, from the flying bridge. Not an easy task, given the size and weight, but it was successfully removed from its lofty position, but it is now safely stored inside, and once the renovation has been completed, will be on display in the saloon down below.

once again if there is anybody out there that wants to get involved with the restoration, please contact the site. We are also desperate for weekend volunteers to help show the public around at weekends in the summer.where is the cervia

this picture taken in Ramsgate on 2/11/15 on a very foggy morning, can anyone find the Cervia ?


mike houckham, chairman CVC

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