october newsletter ISSUE 9

A surprise visit from Rosemary Fox, granddaughter of Charlie Pratt, captain of the Gondia, who kindly donated some rare photos, of now legendary Watkins captains in the early 50,s. these will be posted on the www.thamestugs.co.uk  website soon. Rosemary followed this a week later with an much appreciated donation to the CVC.

On the downside, unfortunately the steps leading from the boat deck to the main deck, succumbed to the years of neglect, so have  now become a priority to replace. The old steel brackets and rings from the old masts are with the metalwork company, and new ones should be with us by the end of the month.

Two paranormal society's have been on board for  night visits, we are waiting for their reports. i will keep you posted.

the AGM of CVC took place last week, thanks to all the members that attended. next years projects and planned activities were discussed and agreed, details soon.

the Cervia  has now closed for the summer season weekend visits, but don't worry, if you want to visit, come down to ramsgate on a Tuesday, that's when the volunteers carry out routine maintenance, and interested visitors can always persuade crewmen to show people around.

mike houckham, chairman CVC



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