september newsletter ISSUE 19

On the first of September 2015,for the first time in over 50 years, the Watkins flag was raised on the Cervia's new formast. Watkins were the original owners of the Cervia,( see Cervia past on the main menu for more information ). After the reverend Stuart Piper had blessed the new masts, the Mayor of Ramsgate, Mr Trevor Shonk, raised the Watkins flag, watched by crowds of onlookers.The ladies section of the cervia volunteers, put on a sumptuous buffet in the Maritime Museum, which was appreciated by all of our guests and volunteers.Generous donations were received from  members of the public as well. Pictures and video of this milestone of the Cervia's restoration will appear shortly on the menu page of our website.

As we head towards autumn,exterior work will slow because of the weather, it is however hoped before the winter sets in, that work on the restoration of the aft deck capstan will commence.

mike houckham, chairman CVC.

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