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The Cervia now looks like a "proper" tug.P1030524

On Tuesday the 4th august 2015, a huge crane parked up on the starboard side of the Cervia, and began the task of lifting into position, two brand new masts. After a year of fund raising by the volunteers, and a year of working on them, they have been finally lifted into place.Special thanks go to the volunteers, who prepared them, who raised the £5,000.00 that was required, by any means possible. A big thank you goes to our bigger supporters, Ramsgate town council, the historic ships register, Saunders of gravesend, the weld of fabrication st peters.

Soon, we will have the masts blessed, and raise the Watkins flag, for the first time in over 50 years.the website will soon have a new box on the home page, entitled New masts, showing photos taken on the day.

mike houckham chairman CVCcervia phone pics 1


2 thoughts on “august newsletter ISSUE 18

  1. Dave Price

    I am planing to build a scale model of Cervia and found this site during my research. I have paid my membership as I have found you pictures and information very useful so felt it only right to contribute to such a worth while cause.
    Last time I saw the old girl in Ramsgate I did wonder if she would survive much longer. All I can say is wow what a difference. I must try and get down to the harbour and have another look. I only live in Ashford so it is not a major trek it is just getting time.

    All the best
    Dave Price.

    • admin

      hi Dave, you will be very welcome , let me know when and i will try and get you on board, regards mike

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