august newsletter ISSUE 51

Well avoiding anything to do with the amazing weather, it has enabled the volunteers to crack on with the various tasks. we now boast of a completely new flying bridge structure which should last many years. Also we have two brand new bunker tops which looks 100 times better than the old rotted ones. further, the superstructure has been given nice coat of paint. the aft deck has had the repairs made to it,
unfortunately it had to be filled in the concrete but nonetheless it looks fine and is a lot safer. the aft capstan has also benefitted from a coat of paint along with the aft storage hatch. so, well done to all the volunteers. The sound system installed for the Ramsgate festival that replicates the sounds of the Cervia working was a great success and appreciated by all of our visitors. I am in negotiation with the sound engineers to try and see if the system can be left on board permanently, watch this space.
I'm pleased to note that we now have three new bilge pumps installed courtesy of
Preston Steam Museum

Finally, we are as always desperate for weekend volunteers to show the public around and ensure their safety whilst visiting so contact the site for more information.
mike houckham chairman CVC

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