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If you were a crewman on the Cervia, anytime since she went into service, please forward your name and the year you were on board,. If you can remember other crewmen who were with you at that time, let us know. Please use the contact us link

10 thoughts on “Former Crew

  1. Glenn Hutchins

    I worked in relieve crews in the late 60,s the names I remember are Skipper Mo Cooper Chief Bill Cox Second Engineer George Dartnall Mate Roy Chapman Deck Hand Clifford ? (sadly lost) Firemen Barry Dalton Spike Simmonds and me cook. some of the best times K remember

  2. tony gregory

    I have just looked at the virtual tour of the Cervia and must say she looks great. The galley looked very good but I wished it was like it is now when I was cook of her. As Mick will attest the old galley was not as good, all I had for storage was one small cabinet for pots and pans with a drawer in the top for knives and forks around the sink and draining board was covered in lead and for hot water you had a 5 gallon copper boiler steam powered. You also had a coal stove. Oh happy days!! – Tony

  3. Alan White

    We live in Tonbridge Kent, & decided to go for a drive out to broad stairs, & eventually finished up in Ramsgate, where I had not been since I don’t know when, driving along the harbour we came across Cervia, well, you could have bowled me over, I said to the wife, we’ve got to stop, this is a tug I had served on, amongst others, 55yrs, ago, when I worked for a while for Watkins, as a boy cook, 17yrs, of age, as a relief crew, I worked twice for Watkins, both times as a boy cook, the first time I was about 15yrs old, & was on the tug Gondia,,I stuck it for about a year, but it was hard work for a young lad, I left for about 2yrs, & was lucky enough to be offered a second chance, so, at 17yrs, I went back as a relief crew cook, some of the other lads who had been cooks on my first employment were now third hands, so I was starting at the bottom again, I stuck it for about another 9 months or so, but decided I wanted a shore job, 9/5, at that age I just wanted to be out & about with my mates, plus meeting some girls, not stuck on a tug in the middle of the summer, peeling spuds for a crew of 8, but, getting back to seeing Cervia, fetched it all back, unfortunately, she was not open to the public the day we saw her, but all the same, we went into the museum and had a great chat to some of the fellas about old times, without a doubt I will now be going back sometime, to take the wife, & grandchildren, on board, & show her where I used to perform all of my culinary delights, albeit the galley in the photo, now looks light years away from what I cooked on,???. Keep up the good work, hope to return sometime soon.

    Alan White, Ex. Head cook & bottle washer.

    • admin

      hello Alan, glad to see you on board, you are of course welcome anytime on board and your family as well.
      why not join as a cvc member.
      regards, mike houckham. chairman cvc

  4. Clare

    I believe my son’s great grandad on his father’s side worked on The Cervia many many years ago. Does anyone recognise the name Harry Arnold? We have always been told he was known as Blood Arnold. Hoping to come and visit soon in any event.

    • admin

      hello Clare, blood was my first skipper on the tanga, he was the skipper of a relief crew when i new him. i believe he lived in Swancombe. if you haven’t already found it, you need to look up whereby there is a lot of info about him, including his war years on board. i look forward to your visit, let me know when you are coming down. regards mike houckham

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