december newsletter ISSUE 55

Just as we had finished putting up the lights for the annual Ramsgate harbour Christmas light show, the cervia sprang a leak in the engine room under the deck plates. At first it was only a small one and the bilge pumps were coping, however two hours later, the small hole became the size of a football and the water completely flooded the engine room to a depth of ten feet. The RNLI came to the rescue with three large pumps and for a while maintained the level. the next morning the fire brigade sent two fire engines and did some serious pumping out. next, two divers fixed a patch over the hole . it is still leaking but our own bilge pumps are managing to keep the water level down to below the plates.
A decision as to the long term plan has yet to be taken.
So, merry Christmas to all our supporters and please visit the amazing light show in Ramsgate harbour.
mike houckham chairman CVC

2 thoughts on “december newsletter ISSUE 55

  1. Tony Gregory

    So sorry to hear about the Cervia. How are you doing now, as heard you were Unwell again?

    • admin

      that just shows you that you never know what’s round the corner. as you’ve probably heard I had a couple of heart attack back in august. some Dutch divers were visiting the museum, and found me unconscious on the floor, they applied CPR
      , and I now have six stents keeping me alive. cervia filled up with ten feet of water following a small leak, which became the size of a football. she’s dry now with half a ton of cement blocking the hole, but there’s more small leaks that have appeared, but the bilge pumps are coping. have a nice Christmas and a healthy new year.

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