february newsletter ISSUE 13

A quiet month on board due mainly to volunteers holidays and winter weather, snow today.However, looking forward, we have a concert by the Thanet Male Voice choir booked for the 27th May, at the Pavilion Broadstairs, at 7.30pm.Get there early to get a seat. this is our second concert, and if its as good as last year, it will help our fund raising enormously.

This year is the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk, and whist the Cervia was not built until 1946, the first tug called Cervia was at Dunkirk, so I hope to have a display of pictures etc of Cervia (1) on board, throughout the anniversary period. So if any of you guys have pictures, information, story's , or crew members names  at that time, please send them in.

The Cervia will be open to the public throughout the whole anniversary period, and in fact Ramsgate is having a huge amount of Dunkirk events, well worth visiting the town that week, 20th may to the 25th may, just type in Dunkirk 75th anniversary on your browser for more detailed information.

Finally, I was contacted by Nick (Stuart) Dyer, who was fireman on board Cervia around the1964-67 period, who tells me that the engineer was Arnold Moore. As always, if anybody out there can give me crew names and dates, it will be collated and recorded.

Mike Houckham chairman CVC

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