january newsletter ISSUE 12

Happy new year to all of you, especially our loyal supporters.

The year starts with a request, I am pleased to say that from a zero start on our facebook page, we now have 98 LIKES, so if you're into facebook , be the first and  help us to get to one hundred.

As there is little to report this month due to the Christmas holiday period, and the volunteers are enjoying a well deserved break, I would remind you all that we are still in need of a large crane to lift the new masts into place, and a skilled person to splice the wire ropes on the day of the big lift, so if you can help please contact the site.

I have included this month, a picture of one of our stalwart volunteers, John Kiel. John has been volunteering since we started back in 2009, and still shows up every Tuesday, although mostly to drink tea. this photo was taken on board the Watercock, laying alongside north Woolwich pier, around 1960.John on the right, was then the fireman on board. does anybody out there know who was in the crew with him?

bobbathwatercockMike Houckham chairman CVC


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