june newsletter ISSUE 16

The choir night was a big success, we raised £250.00. I should like to say thank you to the choir, thorley taverns, and to everybody who helped out on the night. see photo of the choir.choir night





we had a visit on board from several retired crewman, seen in the pictures, Mick Robinson, all the way from Perth Australia, on the wheel again, on the gangplank, from the top, Willy Watson, Bob Mckecknie Doug hardy, John Stanford and his wife, and at the bottom, Mick Robinson.tug visitors 1mick robinson




other news, today we received a very generous cheque from Ramsgate Town Council, this will go towards the replacement of both the Aft and Foredeck timbers, which we hope to start work on after the new masts are in place.

other fund raising events are being planned for July, and  August, more news later.

mike houckham  CVC chairman

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