march newsletter ISSUE 35

Officially spring starts today, which should help the maintenance volunteers finally get on with the jobs delayed by the weather, i hope.

The capstan restoration work is ongoing, as is the cylinder heads, and we have a bilge pump not working, apart from that, the Cervia has got through another winter as she enters her 71st year.

A big thank you to the harbour master who approved installing a new Lewis bolt (mooring ring) on top of the wall whereby we can attach the stern spring so were now secure. the old ring had rusted through and disappeared into the water.

The ramsgate society, had a meeting with the HLF (lottery), and mutually agreed that the application for funding should happen in September for strategical reasons, to ensure success.

Finally, we had a visit from the Mayor of Ramsgate, Mr Trevor Shonk,who had an enjoyable time on board. check out his Facebook page where he has posted a couple of dozen photos

mike houckham CVC chairman

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