november newsletter ISSUE 10

Who ya gonna call ?

just in time for Halloween !,  recent visits from two paranormal society's, resulted in the picture below.The strange misty shape on the right of the picture,appeared in a photo taken in the old saloon area during a midnight visit on board.what is it?. i leave it up to your imagination.

We were also visited by the Maritime Volunteer Service, who gave the Cervia a smart salute in front of the wheelhouse.

The steel mast fittings were delivered to us, and i am glad to report that they all fitted. They have now been sent back for to be galvanized.

The steps on the starboard side have now been replaced with new ones, which makes it a lot easier to get around. Well done to the volunteers involved in the construction.

Following the success earlier this year of a fund raising concert by the Thanet Male Voice Choir, they have kindly agreed to put on another concert next year, on  May 27th, in Broadstairs at the Pavilion, details nearer the time.

Finally, we are going to produce a brochure for the Cervia, in order to help spread the word about this historic steam vessel. these should be available for distribution after Christmas.

Special thanks this month from local firms, for the support given to us, namely, Roe stairs of Ramsgate, Weld of fabrication st peters Broadstairs, and Sandfords of Gravesend.

mike houckham chairman CVC

ghost picmerchant volunteers visit

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