november newsletter ISSUE 32

For the month of November the focus on board is to finish the painting of the superstructure using the colour saddle brown. this colour was chosen many years ago. Whilst not the same shade of the original teak, which had a hint of orange in it, and was the colour of all of the Watkins tugs, it has been generally accepted as near enough.

Some of the volunteers have elected to restore the aft deck steam capstan. the first task was to construct an A frame to remove the heavier components. this has now been completed and the serious work to strip down the machinery has begun.

I am pleased to confirm that the Cervia will be again taking part in what has become an annual event, the Christmas  lighting up of all of the vessels in Ramsgate Royal Harbour. the big switch on is planned for December 1st, so come come along and enjoy this magnificent spectacle

mike houckham chairman CVC cervia-lit-up-for-christmas

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