October newsletter ISSUE 20

IMG_1503After the excitement of the last two months, it was fitting that Janet Watkins, the last of the Watkins family associated with tugs,   ( as a child she launched the Dhulia with her father J R Watkins ) travelled to Ramsgate to inspect  the Cervia. Of course the Watkins flag was flying from the foremast at the time, much to Janet's approval. she was then given a guided tour of the tug.

next years project, which is to replace the old and decayed aft deck timbers, will start next spring, however, as the volunteers are not experts in all tug building skills, comments and ideas on how we go about this huge undertaking are welcome.

We are still looking to expand our volunteer base, so if you want to get involved, please contact us via the website menu buttons.

The Ramsgate Maritime Museum, of which the Cervia is part of the "collection", was formally closed for the winter and will reopen next Easter,

mike Houckham CVC chairman

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