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If you have any old photos of the Cervia that you would like to share, please send to us using the contact us page.

The Start of the restoration

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  1. Hello CVC,

    I am a Community Archaeologist working for CITiZAN (Coastal & Intertidal Archaeological Network) in the East Kent Coast area with Lara Band the lead officer for this coastline. We are a National Heritage Lottery funded charity which records & monitors foreshore archaeology vulnerable to coastal erosion with volunteers & through community engagement.

    One of the things we have been working on recently are Low Tide Trails, which are essentially free guided walks, showing people some of the coastal heritage & archaeology we are working on. During the current corona-lockdown we have started to present these trails in an online virtual map form, so people can browse them from home. I was wondering if you would mind me using one of your historical images of Cervia for this online trail? Of course I would credit it & link it to your website if you were happy to give permission for its use. Just to reiterate the trails are entirely non-commercial.

    Thanks very much,


    • admin

      hello Lawrence, no problem, happy to help.
      kind regards
      mike houckham chairman CVC

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